In our time, the presence of a pond has become an important part of the landscape design on the land lot. Many individuals, state, public, commercial organizations and garden associations have started to create new or to recreate natural ponds, cleaning them from dirt and mud, strengthening the banks, creating a new landscape around them. The plot next to the cottage or house has always served as a place of rest, and we offer to adorn it with a beautifully decorated pond. In an artificial pond you can farm fish, swim, use it for irrigation and finally just have fun.


Design of water bodies is an important component of the whole complex of works on creation of landscape design, the quality of which influences not only the shape and an external contour of a pond, pool, or cascade, but also their operational capabilities. Designing considers the arrangement of the bowl of a future water body, the structure for strengthening the shore, arrangement of discharge and drainage facilities, as well as the improvement of the beach line.

Design of water bodies is necessary, first of all, in order to make the future pond, cascade or stream not only fit into the surrounding landscape harmoniously, but also make an excellent contribution to the territory of the garden plot. In addition, a well-designed project allows you to streamline and speed up the construction process.The process of working on the project of the water body is divided into the following stages:

  • Preparation of technical specifications (intended use of a water body, its stylistic features);
  • Creating a plan of a water body (determining the location relative to other objects, creating a sketch of a future water body);
  • Detailed elaboration of the project (drawings necessary for the construction are created);
  • Preparation of a final estimate.

The quality of the finished facility and its operational characteristics will largely depend on how well and extensively the project of a future water body has been developed.


A mandatory stage in the construction of any artificial water body (garden pond, stream, fountain, pool, etc.) is a high quality waterproofing. It provides a presentable appearance of a water body, its integrity and proper operation. That is why this stage is carried out only after careful designing, selection of materials and necessary measurements. Special attention is paid to the quality of waterproofing materials, because it influences a final result of the works directly.


Design of every water body is individual, and it is quite difficult to choose appropriate equipment for it, and only professional installation of water body equipment by experienced specialists will help to avoid problems that can arise suddenly during operation.


If a water body is of an artificial origin, its servicing and maintenance is complicated in general. It cannot be fully performed without the use of filtration equipment, ultraviolet lamps, aerators, compressor stations, pumps, etc. Servicing and maintenance of a water body is performed only manually. The entire scope of works will be performed by experienced specialists of our company who passed an appropriate training. In the case of a water body stocked with fish, it is difficult to manage without their help. After all, the owner of the pond needs to ensure a regular renewal of its water volume. It is necessary to monitor the indicators of hydrochemistry and comply with established rules strictly.

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